Faye Runaway from WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack.com

Starring: Faye Runaway, Jack Napier, Steve Steel, Franklin Runaway

Tags:  Cuckold, Creampie, 1 on 1, Fetish, Blonde, Petite, Tattoos, Shaved 

Movie description:

I've raised my daughter to be a good girl...or so I thought. Lately it's been rap music, B.E.T television, and spending her free time with black individuals. The constant fighting has nearly landed me in the hospital due to my heart condition so therapy was the only answer. I took the little brat to Dr. Harvard in hopes that our relationship could be saved. His techniques were odd to say the least and his suggestion was to have me watch her as she had relations with a black man....in front of her dear old dad! I was sweating from head to toe as I saw my little darling doing things that I only envisioned in my worst nightmares. Here I was sitting down and watching as my daughter put his penis in the same mouth I used to spoon feed when she was an infant. I thought the worst was over but he put his black fire hose in my girl's naughty place as my heartbeat got faster and faster. I didn't know whether to shit or die but it was soon over once Faye wiped the filth away from her mouth. The worst thing about all of this? Daddy paid the entire bill.

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Faye Runaway

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Member Comments:

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    I want him to breed me!!

  • Member Avatar


    Nice Breeding !!!!!! Love to see the baby !!!!!

  • Member Avatar


    faye is a star

  • Member Avatar


    no ass? her, no ass?

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    nice big cock give her high heels

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    anything with faye is great, great bod, great attitude

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    soooo hot when they knock the stuff off the desk to fuck.....this got me thinking of a new site, black cock at work. you could use the office set, or a garage and the angle is the bitch or stud have wanted to fuck whoever for so long they just literally tear each others clothes off and have rampant interracial sex before they are caught. it works on so many levels because you can have either the bitch or the stud in the boss or instigator role. get it done dogfart ...read more

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    Great scene!!! More Jack Napier thank you very much!!!

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    My dad was open to my boyfriends, and even helped me hide it from mom.

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    Awesome idea having the dad clean his daughter up. This is essentially a cuckold scene, so why not?

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    im happy theres finally another scene! but that creampie barely counts as a creampie...

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    you know with those tattoos this girl aint right. LOL

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    Comments don't say it, but theres a nice creampie in this scene.

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    Such a sexy girl. Incredible shame about the horrible tatoos.

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    What would be even funnier would be if the dad was made to clean up his daughter!


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